On & Off The Wall

By Oona & Sohni

This body of work is the exploration of culture through dimensions of ART x FASHION. Art forms developed through simultaneous curation and creation of collaboration between two distinct creative disciplines. The connective voice of fabric weaves through the radical transformation from traditional format and presentation of art. The conversation more broadly speaks to culture, aesthetics and emotions.

Saturday, 29th February TO Sunday, 8th March

REProduce Method : Session Two

by REProduce Artists

An experimental music showcase featuring :

Thugs of Hin-Dost-An

*You And Aditya Have Liked Each Other*

Park Circus (+)



Sunday, 23rd February TO Sunday, 23rd February


Method Rooftop Residents
ArtArt Installation

Over the course of a month, seven artists took advantage of the expanse of a local rooftop to create art 3’ or larger. The concept challenges the constraints city life puts on artistic creation due to space. There were no other restrictions placed upon the artists in terms of theme or medium. They worked against the background of cawing crows, wind, and a hot sun setting. Part of the residency involved navigating the process of making art under uncontrolled conditions, irregularities of heat, wind, and sound, and modifying processes as needed.

Saturday, 15th February TO Sunday, 23rd February

REProduce Method : Session One

REProduce Artists

An experimental music showcase featuring :

Three Oscillators x Aurbtao

Noni Mouse x Gia Dhadak

Rohan Vidyarthi




Saturday, 22nd February TO Saturday, 22nd February

‘Dear Women’

By Amonwan Mirpuri

The exhibition paints a picture of the four stages of trauma as a result of an abusive experience through a visual journey. It takes you through a series of four walls such as the Wall of Disruption, the Wall of Acceptance, the Wall of Healing: Kintsugi “The Art of Precious Scars”, and finally the Wall of Reintegration – Turning Trauma into Triumph. Each traumatic stage is articulated in various mediums and expressions reflecting the emotional states of the experience.

Thursday, 9th January TO Sunday, 2nd February

Odd Mercies

by Smita Sahu-Hamzeh

Inspired by the odd mercies of life, spirituality, nature and modernity, Smita’s visual explorations pulse with a vital, surreal life, using improvisation in the service of the classical.

Saturday, 14th December TO Sunday, 29th December

This is a pictorial presentation of the lives of those who have suffered gravely due to corporate and governmental greed. It acts as a reminder to all of us that we need to be vigilant and aware of decisions made by corporations and governmental bodies that impact our lives and land for generations. We cannot allow another disaster to occur.

Monday, 2nd December TO Sunday, 22nd December

Expression vs. Suppression of Art

Nandita Das in conversation with Smita Sahu-Hamzeh and Sahil Arora

Acclaimed actor and director, Nandita Das will join artist Smita Sahu-Hamzeh and gallerist, Sahil Arora in an insightful, and relevant panel discussion on the subject of Expression vs. Suppression of Art.

Friday, 20th December TO Friday, 20th December

the lightness of being

by Rema Chaudhary

Rema Chaudhary’s Lightness of Being is a collection of ethereal landscapes, some void of all humanity and others with the presence of a figure drifting through the vastness with a deep sense of freedom. This movement depicts an unencumbered life—almost whimsical and other-worldly—and an acceptance of what it means to be.

Saturday, 16th November TO Sunday, 8th December

Jeevan Antony (of Madras) will perform live at Method for the closing “soiree” of Rema Chaudhary’s exhibit ‘the lightness of being’.

Sunday, 8th December TO Sunday, 8th December
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