Alone, Together | An Artist Book by Rema Chaudhary

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Alone, Together is an artist book that visually narrates a typical day in the life of two people on opposite sides of the earth during the lockdown using screenshots as the medium.

Limited and signed first edition (100 copies) of Alone, Together.

Alone, Together by Rema Chaudhary


Alone, Together documents the lives of two individuals living on opposite sides of the earth trying to survive the loneliness of solitude.

The Familial Fix


In conversation with Boshudhara whose work leaves you spellbound with its life-sized weaves made out of shredded canvas and more. Boshudhara’s work, as she calls it, is her alter ego. Repurposing canvas and other materials to further weave them into an art piece, she gives a new life to something that has been definite.

In conversation with Smishdesigns.


Charting histories, documenting the now and expressing freely. Smishdesigns talks of how she found new ways to learn and unlearn and how her creative expression ignited the courage to wear her art and her heart boldly on her sleeve.

Pati, Patni Aur Woke by Smish Designs


When it comes to marriage, men win and women lose, and women are starting to realise it. Smish’s new body of work is a celebration of this ‘coming of age’ (…pun not intended!) as well as a direct condemnation of the various ways in which women are disadvantaged within wedlock.

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