REProduce Method : Session Two

by REProduce Artists
Sunday, 23rd February TO Sunday, 23rd February

the exhibit

Session Two of the collaboration between Method Art Space and Delhi based music collective, REProduce Artists.

the artist

Thugs of Hin-Dost-An

Dakuu from the valleys, Thakur Rejinder Singh from the mangroves and Smuggler Loin from the concrete jungles come together to loot & plunder the rich soundscapes of the subcontinent with explosive finger drumming, lethal portablism and spiffy music production. It’s the friendship that they never asked for – much more like Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law. Comic camaraderie & swashbuckling adventures ensue after they turn up at the Method Gallery in Mumbai for some sonic cat-burglary .

*You And Aditya Have Liked Each Other*

A project forged within the deepest pits of despair against the backdrop of a world that normalised and commercialized romantic love beyond recognition, “You And Aditya Have Liked Each Other” is, for producer and synthesist Aditya Ghosh, equal parts an antithesis against the idealisation of romance and one long painful scream caused by it.

With his first EP, “Love Songs For Unlovable People”, You And Aditya Have Liked Each Other set the philosophical and sonic basis on which this project would stand; stories of one-sided crushes, the internal wars of distorted romantic ideals, of living life with a pervasive sense of doom at the very real possibility of never finding actual affection, told through the sheer gravitas of modular synthesizers.

Aditya’s background and sound in hard dance, bass and trap music as “Angia”, mixed
with the unrestrained, unadulterated and unpredictable aesthetic of direct, linear storytelling through live synthesizers results in a sound describable only as a complete breakdown of the archetypes of romantic love in electronic music. His songs and sets take the listener on a harsh journey towards the destruction of preconceived notions of what romantic stories are worth telling; filled with shattered leads and thumping drones, every second of his music is an expression of love from a perspective sorely lacking it.

Park Circus

Park Circus is a Multi-lingual hip-hop collective based out of Kolkata, India.

We make sarcastic, socially unconscious rap.


A singer-songwriter based in Mumbai, Karshni is all of 19 years but sings with the maturity of any of your favourite
crooners. Originally from Pune, she’s in her Second Year of Mass Media, at Sophia College, and currently roadtesting her material the old-fashioned way, by cleaning up the competition at college festivals. An extremely bright future ahead of her with a unique style of sincere songwriting, she is working on her songs before she hits the studio this year to put down her first few singles. A Sofar alumnus of Pune and Bombay, she has also performed at REProduce Drones and LVNG previously.


KALA stands for tomorrow, for yesterday, for art, for black and everything in between. Its a long form ambient electronica project that combines live textures, algorithmically generated beats, field recordings layered with some bamboo flute work and generative audio-reactive visuals in a live setup. Kala strives to momentarily transform the physical reality of a listener and transport them to amazing new imaginary places.

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