‘Dear Women’

By Amonwan Mirpuri
Thursday, 9th January TO Sunday, 2nd February

the exhibit

Women in all of her nature gives life in such a profound way. Without women, life would cease to exist yet as a collective we devalue her strength, her wisdom, her presence and her contribution. ‘Dear Women’ is a tribute to women who have been hurt, abused, suppressed and are victims of assault. It is a homage paid to women who have lost their innate powers and voice to mistreatment and oppression. It is the remembrance of the feminine power as individuals and a collective and the reclaiming of who they are.

The exhibition paints a picture of the four stages of trauma as a result of an abusive experience through a visual journey. It takes you through a series of four walls such as the Wall of Disruption, the Wall of Acceptance, the Wall of Healing: Kintsugi “The Art of Precious Scars”, and finally the Wall of Reintegration – Turning Trauma into Triumph. Each traumatic stage is articulated in various mediums and expressions reflecting the emotional states of the experience. The exhibition hopes to serve as a platform to the voices that have been unheard, to instill power where it is due, and to raise awareness an educate ourselves on these experiences to help prevent them from happening in the future.

*10 percent of all sales will be donated to “Breakthrough”, a non-profit organization for women’s rights. Visit for more information.

the artist

Amonwan Mirpuri is a contemporary Thai-Indian artist creating work that challenges the conceptual aspect between the human experience, mind, body, and the soul. Known for making mixed media art, paintings, and sculpture, her style lean towards abstract and surrealism covering grounds of universal knowledge, personal identity, societal issues, consciousness, and the human psyche. It is a redefinition of the relationship between the restricted self, freedom and proposes the need for an awareness of identity and self to be able to recreate the rules that have suppressed and bind the self, existentially and potentially.

Amonwan’s art feature representations of the identity such as sculpted faces and paintings of the human body that act as a focal subject matter to her work. Each artwork combines a variety of source material, colours, textures, and style translated as a reflection of the human experience and emotion in different forms.

Born on June, 18, 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand, she attended and graduated with a BA from a fashion design institute, Accademia Italiana. The artist resides and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

the art


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