Abhi Meer
Monday, 3rd August TO Friday, 7th August

the exhibit

Can the movement of air through sound replace human touch and intimacy? Could an embargo on physical, tactical interaction in fact strengthen the psyche? And if not strengthen it, can a forced isolation bend it to will?

A continuing psychological experiment, isoxia, is a part musical performance / part installation. A proponent of forced isolation and a deliberately-militant ifestyle, composer and synthesist Abhi Meer recreates a Truman Show-esque experience of his life as an artist in stasis.

Held over a period of one work-week from August 3 – August 7, isoxia will be broadcast live, in-residence from The Method in audio and video and will be soundtracked using an array of synthesizers and sound devices.

Gently-modulated washes of sound will clash with slow, phase-shifting noise to hopefully crate endless, melodic melancholia, serving as the only other another presence in the room, and perhaps the only presence that matters.

the artist

Abhi Meer is an electronic musician and music critic currently residing in Bombay, India. When not buried behind a mountain of patch cables, he plumbs the depths of music through his long, angular DJ sets and regular radio shows.

Abhi’s previous large-scale undertakings in experimental sound include Sunday Service, a suite of synthesizer music designed to recreate the sounds and atmosphere of pipe organs that originated in Ancient Greece, and are now commonly found in churches worldwide, and SPEKTRA, a synthesized, modern-day reimagining of the 10th century Rajasthani string instrument – ravanahatha – that debuted at the Magnetic Fields Festival in 2019.

He is currently working on on his third long-form composition that fuses digital synthesis, vintage organs and exploratory 3D worlds.

For more information on Abhi find him on Instagram.

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