Odd Mercies

by Smita Sahu-Hamzeh
Saturday, 14th December TO Sunday, 29th December

the exhibit

Inspired by the odd mercies of life, spirituality, nature and modernity, her visual explorations pulse with a vital, surreal life, using improvisation in the service of the classical.

These works combine acrylics, photography, line drawing and the imagination to produce a textured, unsettling palette.

the artist

Smita Sahu-Hamzeh is a visual communicator who lived and worked in Ottawa, Canada in the publishing industry. With a wealth of experience in her now ripped back pocket, she eagerly embraces her next phase. Her life in a northern milieu gives way to spontaneous, warm and open inspirations in the Indian setting.

In this new chapter, she has taken hold of her canvas by passionately looking at nature and the ordinary with an honest and insightful eye. She delves into people, animals, ideas, and other wonders, capturing the often invisible and secret passions that lie beneath the surface. Her work reveals, through broad immersion and an indulging appetite, life and reality in a new, riveting and compelling form.

Reconnected with her south-asian roots, she redeems the world with an original and poignant flavour. That is, she reaches beyond the traditional and apparent and taps into esoteric colours and rythms that underly the everyday. Assymetrical yet superbly balanced, quirky yet beautifully simple, she weaves work that stimulates the psyche, stimulates the imagination and pushes the spirit. She combines acrylics, photography, drawing and humour to create a textured, yet classical palette.

the art


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