On & Off The Wall

By Oona & Sohni
Saturday, 29th February TO Sunday, 8th March

the exhibit

This body of work is the exploration of culture through dimensions of ART x FASHION. Art forms developed through simultaneous curation and creation of collaboration between two distinct creative disciplines. The connective voice of fabric weaves through the radical transformation from traditional format and presentation of art. The conversation more broadly speaks to culture, aesthetics and emotions.

This exhibit’s purpose is where form and process take precedence over all else, when co-creation becomes a common language.

Movement was the primary steer of this work. It reveals itself as sometimes resistant and static, while flowing and free at others. A deep sense of preciousness of creating was employed in the two mediums. This was when a ‘response state’ was established. The process of making, where no one spoke, yet communication was constant through immersive studio practices. The path of respect for texture and form, where the end is only realised when the first form takes place, culminating in experiential formats and breaking boundaries – where one discipline belongs vs another. Through this commonality of aesthetics art and fashion become one in a tangible outcome.

“Here the art can live off the wall. It has been gently curated to exist in personal and private spaces through unspoken expression and storytelling. When the uncommon interact, the work sees us, rather than us viewing the work” – Oona

“The line between where fashion ends and art begins is blurred. Fashion takes on a different form here, existing somewhere between a communal, familiar space and a universe in which it can be admired from afar.” – Sohni

the artist

Oona D'Mello

Born in Mumbai, Oona D’mello’s long-term engagement with art has taken on a
multitude of expressions through her experiments with design, décor and social
impact via art. Oona formalised her education in art with a Fine Arts degree from The
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, specialising in painting. Oona made Chicago
her home for nearly a decade, taking on roles such as the Art and Gallery Director at
The Chicago Mosaic School, in conjunction with events at the Gallery of
Contemporary Mosaics. She simultaneously had a number of solo and group shows in
Chicago and Ohio, as well as in China and India. The artist presented her experiments
with textiles and painting at an exhibition in Venice, Italy. She went on to exhibit her
textile-based paintings in Singapore with her show Feeling Resistance, Memory &
Practice in September 2019. Oona is the co-founder of Est. Form, a creative
collective.  Est. Form: Edition I had a one-day launch with a gallery view on
Decemeber 14th, 2019, which was also Oona’s first show in Mumbai.

Sohni Patel

With a degree in Psychology and Business, Sohni followed her passion for art and design to Paris where she worked as a forecast and trend consultant anticipating change and building innovative strategies for fashion, luxury and art.

Following a series of immersive courses in art history in Paris and fashion design at Parsons, The New School of Design in New York and the London College of Fashion in London, Sohni found her hands-on training at the ateliers of Nanette Lepore, Marchesa and Duro Olowu in New York. Armed with experience, Sohni returned to Mumbai in 2015, where she founded House of Sōhn — a contemporary women’s label created to tell inspiring stories about women art and culture through the medium of fabric. Sohni’s work stands apart as an intelligent response to the zeitgeist, moving beyond the traditional categories to create new conversations. Sohni is a co-founder of Est. Form, a creative collective, which aims to create opportunities for interdisciplinary artistic exploration and collaboration.


the art


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