Pati, Patni Aur Woke

by Smish Designs
Monday, 8th March TO Saturday, 3rd April

the exhibit

When it comes to marriage, men win and women lose, and women are starting to realise it. Smish’s new body of work is a celebration of this ‘coming of age’ (…pun not intended!) as well as a direct condemnation of the various ways in which women are disadvantaged within wedlock.

On the one hand, deep rooted patriarchal traditions, culture and society mandate women to ‘settle’ or aspire for a ‘happily ever after’, while on the other, we find our so-called ‘modern’ courts delivering unequal judgments in the name of ‘sanctity of marriage’. But what of women’s rights, independence and identity? Can they exist within the bounds of this grand institution? Or is it a cost we have to pay in order to gain respectability, security and status?

This exhibit makes a mockery of the view that marriage equals love, instead painting images and drawing focus to unjust physical, mental and emotional labour which the second gender is subject to.

the artist

Smish Designs is a contemporary artist, designer and illustrator. Charged with meaning and drenched in colour, her work reveals and questions the social constructs of gender, taste and power.

Publishing under an alias, she has emerged as an important, young voice in Indian protest culture. She is active on social media, and regularly inspires conversation and concern for human rights and justice amongst her ever-growing audiences, both online and offline.

Smish Designs is a graduate in Graphic Design from the Parsons School of Design in New York. Since then, she has been featured in countless magazines, dailies and independent news platforms including the Gal-dem Magazine,, The Hindu, Vice India, The Quint and The Times of India.

Born in 1988, she currently lives and works in Mumbai, India.

the art


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