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8 Emerging Indian Artists
Friday, 18th December TO Wednesday, 13th January

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2020 was the year like no other. It’s been almost impossible to keep up with the news, and every sharp turn that’s happened, whether it be on an international, national, or personal level. As the new year is upon us, there are still many question marks as to what is to come, what will happen next.

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Conceived in 2016, RuiningMagazines a.k.a Zahra Baldiwala, started off with a few Instagram posts of old ripped up magazines. As the posts grew in number, Zahra decided to venture into exploring the digital space that she primarily finds herself in now.

With a Master in Fashion Brand Management and a year and a half of experience in the fashion and retail space, Zahra found solace in creating art after a long day. A couple of life-changing freelance projects later, she decided to leave fashion behind and make her passion into a livelihood. Zahra has worked on projects for the music festival Neon East Fest, The Ikat Story, various indie musicians, as well as Vh1 India where she currently works as an Assistant Producer.

Her love for scissors, glue, and creating conglomerations, is paired with the desire to carve a niche for herself in the design world. As a self-taught artist, it has been interesting to see RuiningMagazines evolve into the brand it is today.

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Kim Kaul

Kim Kaul is a painter and a poet who lives and works in Mumbai. Her work plays with the idea of self: how, in this vast landscape of our emotion, can we understand why we feel the things we do, and how they manifest into our behaviour? As someone who has experienced mental illness, she has spent a vast majority of her time being intimately aware of her emotional responses. Through her work, she aims to dissect the emotions we encounter through our environments and experiences and make sense of them from an intimate, personal perspective.

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Tara Anand

Tara Anand is an illustrator and visual artist from Bombay, India. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work tends to draw from books, history and her surroundings and she enjoys working with female-driven narratives.

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Aditya Dutta

A.Dutta is a Mixed-media artist and photographer based in Delhi. His primary art form is analog collage art, with an interest in combining Indian aesthetics with Western art-at-large.

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Keya Singh (b. Mumbai, 1995) is a visual artist focusing on video and performance art. She is currently studying Fine Art and Experimental Media at Prague College (Prague, Czech Republic). She has exhibited her work at several galleries as well as performed at performance and new media art festivals around the Czech Republic.

“My identity is an amalgam of the culture I come from, the people that raised me, the content I consume as an adult, and my present environment. Isolating myself in a foreign land has given me the time to reflect on my past and present while trying to project myself into a possible future. What does it really mean to ‘belong’? Can we find joy in the unfamiliar? My work itself, and my motives for creating it serve as focal points in my understanding of who I am” says Keya.

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Siddhesh Gautam

Siddhesh Gautam is a Delhi-based independent illustrator, visual designer, storyteller educator, mixed-media artist, treasure hunter, fallen angel, and soul searcher. His work is to encourage people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and to appreciate this heavenly place called Earth. While minimalism and post-modernist thought are the main influence of Siddhesh’s work, it is also based on in-depth topical research. Aiming to create much more than superficially beautiful objects, With his work, Siddhesh intends to challenge preconceptions, expand minds, honor the sacred, and evoke feelings of adventure, exploration, and deep spiritual connection.

Siddhesh was born in Nagina, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. He studied at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai (B. F. Tech) & National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar (M. Des).

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Darshika Singh

Darshika Singh is a multi-disciplinary artist from Lucknow currently living in Mumbai. She has a diploma in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins, London and has a degree in Fashion Designing from Istituto Marangoni. She was also a resident at Method’s Rooftop Residency earlier this year. Her work revolves around the expression of the intangible, exploration of the inner experience through abstraction and the synthesis of form and formlessness.

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Cards For A Cause

Cards For A Cause, a design-led social initiative created by online art platform The Artlet Poetry and creative agency Cliq, founders Nidhi Shah and Rhea Patel have made it their mission to raise funds out of collaborative art.

The project comprises 55 artists-made playing cards, each capturing a different mood of the pandemic. Hailing from nooks and corners of India, all the artists from this project have created a unique piece of artwork that’s as comforting as it is beautiful. All the proceeds from this initiative go towards COVID relief funds. For every deck you buy, you feed 10 meals to those affected adversely by the pandemic. The project has so far distributed over 5000+ meals and aims to continue to donate more.

Reach out to the creators on Instagram at @theartletpoetry, @nidhlet, @wecliq, & @rheatpatel.

For more information, participating artists or to purchase your own deck visit

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