REProduce Method : Session One

REProduce Artists
Saturday, 22nd February TO Saturday, 22nd February

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Session One of the collaboration between Method Art Space and Delhi based music collective, REProduce Artists.

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Three Oscillators

Formed in 2015, Three Oscillators is a solo project by music producer Brij Dalvi.
Formerly a duo with Avit Rane, the sound of Three Oscillators falls under the realm of glitch, sci-fi influences and the future. Seamlessly shifting through genres within these attributes, Three Oscillators is a diverse mix of otherworldly samples and dreamy sounds.
The act has since shared the stage with international acts like Parra For Cuva, Kode9, DJ Paypal, DJ Spinn, Daisuke Tanabe and Yosi Horikawa among others, and has played on platforms like Sofar Sounds, Magnetic Fields Festival and Control ALT Delete Festival. His music has been covered on websites like Resident Advisor, COLORSXSTUDIOS and Rolling Stone India among others.



Radhapriya aka Noni-Mouse is a left-of-centre, alternative electronica/downtempo artist, based in Mumbai. Always pushing the envelope with her craft, her music combines elements of thick soundscapes, weird textures, dance-inspired beats, and R&B vocals, often creating ambient-pop anthems that stick to people like glue. Her latest EP •noni-pop, was her take on contemporary pop music, with hooky motifs made of detailed, unexpected arrangements.

Gia Dhadak

Gia Dhadak is a performer and movement artist, reading the body as the site of performance and art. Through her previous training in somatic movement, odissi and cinema her current work tries to find space between craft and improvisation, catharsis and storytelling, authenticity and structure. Gia is hoping to continue her exploration of movement by moving away from conventional storytelling tropes, a singular body-language and experiencing reality through her own mindful subjectivity.

Comets In Cardigans

Comets in Cardigans is an experimental ambient project helmed by Shree Walinjkar. It started as a lousy side project in 2018 and gradually materialized into a cloud of excessive reverb and blurry soundscapes. Since the inception of this project, dark rooms have been the only audience of Comets in Cardigans and they have never played a live set before. Blending ambient soundscapes with experimental elements, Walinjkar attempts to create a canvas for contemplation and expression.

Rohan Vidyarthi

Rohan Vidyarthi born in Bombay in the fabled year of 1984, has been experimenting with electronic music for the past 20 years. Today, Rohan is more immersed than ever in uncovering a distinct exploratory electronic sound, embedded with impressions of the land where he was born and that surrounds him today. His soon to be uncovered home label Sounds of Bhu is set to deliver these explorations into the public domain.


What is Oort you ask? it’s a fuzzy cocktail of electricity, flickering color gradients and telepathic static. In other words it’s the freshest electronic music act from this part of the cosmos.

Oort is comprised of Rahul Das. Rahul has been producing and composing music under the moniker SundogProject for quite some time now. Sundog is a well reputed and iconic electronic/rock act with two albums under its belt and high energy live shows spanning all across India.

The music is a unique blend of electronica combining elements of IDM, techno, glitch, synthwave, new wave, experimental, ambient to even elements of hip hop and trap, influenced by the likes Moderat, Trentemoller, Apparat, Aphex twin, Burial, Tycho amongst many, many others. He strives to make unique music and promises to always try and push sonic boundaries.

As of 2019, Oort have performed along side electronic music giant Apparat and are playing stellar shows across the country. The debut EP ‘This revolution is telepathic’ is slated for release later this year.

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