Method Rooftop Residents
Saturday, 15th February TO Sunday, 23rd February

the exhibit

Over the course of a month, seven artists took advantage of the expanse of a local rooftop to create art 3’ or larger. The concept challenges the constraints city life puts on artistic creation due to space. There were no other restrictions placed upon the artists in terms of theme or medium. They worked against the background of cawing crows, wind, and a hot sun setting. Part of the residency involved navigating the process of making art under uncontrolled conditions, irregularities of heat, wind, and sound, and modifying processes as needed.


the artist

illesha Khandelwal

illesha is an interdisciplinary artist whose work spans from artist book-making to social practice. She is the founder and program manager of ikattha: a collective space for artists, in Mumbai. She focuses on making safer spaces for artists to collaborate, exhibit, and experiment in a non-hierarchal setting that closes the gap between artist and audience. She is interested in building alternative ecosystems for the making and showing of art, through: community gatherings, curated exhibitions and performances, workshops, affordable studio space, zine making.

She also nurtures a steady studio practice. Her work suggests a psychology of geography – an unfixed landscape that you alter by your very existence. Working in the realm of ecofeminism, illesha is interested in a natural herstory. Her artist books, installations and performances, play on an acute awareness of the erasures of the personal herstories of our female ancestors. She is constantly questioning the information that we consider to make up the story of the planet and the human species. illesha works in generative practices – she teaches recycled papermaking, continuously documents the changing in-between spaces of the city, and uses walking as her foremost way of knowing.

illesha holds a BFA in Photography, with honours, from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has been awarded and invited to residencies around the world, including Flux Factory in Queens, NY, USA and ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Aarhus, Denmark and has shown her work extensively around the world.

Loveleen Bajaj

Loveleen Bajaj is a Pune based Visual Artist who is inspired by the meshed nature of fabric. This very nature of strands brings forth her expression of art through various media across surfaces like wood, cement and metal.

She has worked for almost a decade in Business HR before following her quest to unravel deep-seated human conflicts, thereby challenging the way we have seen the world in its finite and infinite way. To express her work, she centers it around sometimes known and sometimes lesser known concepts of love, karma, existence, relationships and the very paradox that life is. Her choice of expression is heavily influenced by the ethereal nature of the relationship between wood and metal.

Loveleen has collaborated with brands like Livspace, Taj, Art n Found, Levi’s and Radisson.

Darshika Singh

Darshika Singh is a multi-disciplinary artist from Lucknow living in Mumbai. She has a diploma in fine-arts from London. Her work can be put in terms as art being the synthesis of form and formlessness. She’s inspired from the tangible and intangible of everything human.

Arshi Sayed

Arshi Sayed is a Mumbai-based artist with a background in advertising and visual communication. Her oeuvre consists of acrylic-based portraiture. She consistently explores themes of love, loss and existentialism, striving to curate a bold portfolio emphasising the weight and intimacy of the subject matter.

Over time she intends to present her work as a reflection of herself, inviting the viewer to take them through a multi-sensory thought process.

Aditya Damle

Aditya Damle is a visual designer and the founder of DAM, an independent creative studio based in Mumbai. He is a passionate illustrator with digital art as his preferred medium, but occasionally dabbling in acrylics on canvas. He has collaborated with several incredible musicians like Raja Kumari, Sitar Metal, Gurbax, Jatin Talukdar Project and Panchattva, to name a few, creating album/song artwork and merchandise, art-directing photo shoots, designing visual identities and animating videos and visuals. He is also an avid science fiction, comic book, mythology, popular culture and fantasy fanatic – topics that serve as fuel for his creativity.

Nandan Joshi

Nandan Joshi is a new artist from Mumbai. A copywriter and self-taught illustrator, he creates authentic narratives with words and visuals. His practice speaks about self-care, vulnerability, introspection and childlike innocence. With Kumo, his residency piece, Nandan has taken the first step to move from illustration to installation.

Surabhi Chowdhary

Surabhi Chowdhary is a Kolkata-based printmaker, sculptor and installation artist. A graduate from the London College of Communication, she aspires to communicate concrete subjects relating to the prevalent social stigmas that hampers one’s identity. She has showcased her works in several group shows since.

Chowdhary’s works evolve around the theme of anthropology and is further accentuated by drawing parallels between human relationships and the co-existing society. As a result, the cause and effect relation within the ecosystem play an important part in her works. Additionally, the themes of Anthropocene and the Anthropic Principle is an ongoing research in her artistic practice.

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