Sid G (toosid)
Friday, 27th August TO Sunday, 19th September

the exhibit

Sid first presented Method with a series of works titled “New World Order”. A series that is a satirical take on the mass programming of a nation via unintelligent but highly snackible content. Using the most popular show of our times, “Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma”, Sid wanted to present a relatable body of works that serves as a mirror to a society fuelled by -well, trash. We loved it and asked him to build on it.

A few weeks later, Sid turned up at Method Bandra with 8 black and white abstract pieces that were representative of a city in chaos. Nothing visually to do with the previous “New World Order” but representative of a society that never settles.

A few weeks later, Sid invites the Method team to his house and presents 6 new canvases that were bright and cheerful and Big Fuck You (literally) to the way contemporary internet and hype culture function. Nothing to do with New World Order but again, representative of a society in decay characterised by instant gratification, herd mentality and an overall lack of substance.

Then Sid starts doing 3D printed big brains. Now he wants to smash above said brains and destroy a perfectly well functioning television. Somewhere along the way, his couch gets painted and makes it’s way to the gallery ceiling along with the above mentioned pink brains now part of an installation.

The brains also find their way on to outstretched hands seeming like a presentation from an individual to the “fastest finger first” that is willing to take it.

While the progression of this body of work, now titled “Scatterbrain”, is seemingly random, it is a constant struggle that every creative grapples with. If you’re living in the 21st century, this “scatterbrain” mode is the norm and relatable where you jump from one idea to the next, from one project to the next.

While the series of works are visually contrasting, it is hard to deny the least common factor – a restless society trying to be held back by the powers that be and the artist, in the words of a wise man, trying to essentially say – “Fuck You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”.

the artist

Sidhant Gandhi (toosid) is a multimedia artist, painter and designer based in Mumbai.

Parallel to a commercial career where Sod defines the language for some of our most contemporary cultural endeavours (he was ex head of design for Vice Asia Pacific and is now a partner at Southbay), Sid has spent many a moon working on canvases trying to make sense of the constant disconnect an artist faces while trying to balance personal and professional creative endeavours.

While “Scatterbrain” is Sid’s first gallery exhibit, he is in no way a “debutant” to a burgeoning group of aesthetes who are not just inspired by, but also the creators of 21st century culture.

the art


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