Spiral Visits From A Higher Plane

by Avani Rai, with Diya Mathur
Thursday, 23rd September TO Sunday, 17th October

the exhibit

The beginning of any particular piece of art is not the moment the artist lifts a brush or focuses a camera. In fact, it’s not even from the moment the artist begins to think about the creation of the work. Art has no beginning and no end; each piece takes form as a result of moments experienced that not only brought the artist into existence but brought the artist to see life as they do, and in turn, to create as they do. Similarly, each piece’s imprint on existence will remain after it is gone. While many will think of this as a butterfly effect, it is not always linear, moving in a certain direction away from the starting point. Instead, this imprint brings us near to the beginning, but from a different, slightly higher plane that creates an altered view. In this show, Avani Rai revisits past works, sometimes alone and other times with fellow artist Diya Mathur, to explore the spiraling transitional state of existence.

the artist

Avani Rai

Avani Rai is a photographer/ and filmmaker based out of Mumbai, India. She has been documenting the daily life of common people using portraiture as her main form of storytelling. Over time, Rai has also covered multiple contemporary issues. Her first film, ‘Raghu Rai-An Unframed Portrait’, was co-produced by ARTE FRANCE, IDFA BERTHA FUND and was screened at prestigious film festivals across the world.

Diya Mathur

Diya Mathur is a mixed media artist & illustrator based out of New Delhi. Her work is an attempt to take a fresh look at, and interpret traditional art forms using digital interventions. She aspires to connect with her audiences through the shared experience of discovering new perspectives.

the art


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