Synthetic Flower Dreams

by Eeshani Mitra
Sunday, 4th July TO Sunday, 1st August

the exhibit

We come from nature like a flower but our dreams & the attempt to ‘beautify’ life become a manufactured pursuit. In this series, the artist takes a once living thing – a flower – often while it still looks alive and uses a combination of natural and fabricated elements to process its innate beauty into something surreal.

While she attempts to create a certain “look” it is impossible to fully control the exact outcome. The artificial takes on a life of its own, yet is reliant on the presence of the natural.

This series is an ongoing experiment in the relationship of the synthetic and natural world.

the artist

Eeshani Mitra is a visual artist and zine maker. Her work revolves around the exploration of flowers and various other objects, submerged in a variety of natural and synthetic mediums. She constantly moves between the medium of photography, video art and animation.


She has self-published three zines: “Come Back to Mars”, “Egg”, and “Winter”. Her work has been published in the Luna Collective Magazine. In 2021, her images were published in “The Land of The River” photo zine by the Photobook Cafe. Her photography has been featured in the online exhibition of Your Local Newsstand.

To know more about Eeshani, find her on Instagram.

the art


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