Tyler Street Art : A Solo Exhibition

by Tyler
Thursday, 14th January TO Sunday, 7th March

the exhibit

For the first time, the artwork of India’s most infamous street artist, Tyler, will grace gallery walls. His untitled solo show will open on Thursday, 14th January 2021 as a part of Mumbai Gallery Weekend and will run until Sunday, 7th March 2021.

The works will be spread across Method Art Space’s two locations, Kala Ghoda & Bandra. While this will be the third show in the newly opened Bandra space, the Kala Ghoda gallery has been expanded to twice its usual size to accommodate the entire show collection.

Tyler’s pieces, all created on found objects off the street, further his signature stencil art style with characters and situations that humorously reflect on various political, social, gender and caste based structures. For over 10 years, Tyler has boldly expressed his opinions on various matters using the city’s streets as a canvas. With his first solo exhibit, Tyler and Method welcome everyone—not just art enthusiasts—to come and experience his works in two consolidated spaces

the artist

Tyler is an anonymous street artist from Mumbai. Since 2010 Tyler has created works using city walls as his canvas to bring to the fore various subjects that define society and culture around us. His works, often political, are brutally honest opinions expressed in charming and mischievous ways that relate and appeal to everyone who views them.

Tyler’s works have been exhibited in group shows in India and Amsterdam.

His works have appeared in several Indian and International news publications including The New York Times, Al Jazeera and The Times of India among others.

the art


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