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by Rana Ghose 30th Apr, 2020

Hey!  Remember when in 1995 ODB warned you that if you fuck around you’ll get sprayed with lysol?  He knew everything!  In India it’s called Lizol.  Same font and everything.  Smells the same.  Tastes the same. I use it on my “counter tops” to counter the “bad things” happening all around me.

Carbonas – Sad And Crazy For A Long Time

I think these guys were from a suburb outside Atlanta.  I like it cos the singer sounds like everything he says is “OWWWWHE ENNNUH DEBUHH GNUYOOW BEHUN WHUNNA DOOOH” with a recording sounds like complete shit/a band that is incredibly tight with the pop sensibility of Stikkan Anderson.  He managed ABBA.  Have you ever seen those early ABBA videos, that guy is a genius.  Making pop music is super hard, it’s one of the hardest things ever.  It’s like crafting an illness.

Marathon – Dee Duck

No idea about Marathon.  I don’t feel like googling.  I speak a little French and she (is it a she) says “the little duck smokes a big cigar” (possible French innuendo) and then there’s a break where someone in a duck voice says some stuff, I’m not sure what, maybe it’s “funny” but I hope it’s not because thats too easy and it would ruin it for me so I don’t want to know what the duck says.  I think I like this song cos its like that never ending scale trick thing that rises and rises and rises and never ends, also I like her voice, it’s a little strained but not pushing it and somehow it steers the arrangements really well.  Basically this song could be totally cheesy and stupid given the duck voice but it’s NOT and I really don’t want to know what they are talking about in any way, shape, or form because I don’t think it’s cheesy and stupid given the duck voice.

Fumio Nunoya – Mizutamari

When a song starts with someone flushing the toilet you know it’s on.  But then the track goes in this…like what is this actually.  He sounds like he’s taking a dump or in a prone position or some other form of stress and/or release.  But the track still comes off smooth as butter (gross).  “WOOO-OOOO (Japanese)” and then more vocalisations of pushing a large boulder up a hill with no hope of it ever moving at all.  Is this song about miso and tamari?  Japan is an island.

Transgressors – Money For Born, Money For Die

Totally disgusting application of a wah wah pedal.  If someone says “hey man money is fake” how do you react anyway?  I never know what to say.  If I say “it’s just a value metric of uncertain outcomes that we can use to gauge our anticipated outcome in a transaction” then they might say “yeah we should just barter” but then if I say “who will guarantee the integrity of the bartered item” THEN we probably talk about the state and fiat and ultimately it usually comes down to some issue about trusting the state and then well I guess 5G COVID-19 chemtrails bill david gates icke.  This song, as they say, SLAPS, where did Egon find this

Tetragrammacide – Pulsating Sudarshan Gammadion of Aiwasstronic Fishnu

If I show this to people generally the reaction is mouth agape staring disbelief.  There’s so many…reasons.  Also I think it’s that same drummer again FUCK!  I think my favourites parts are 0:54 and 3:48.  I like variation.  But seriously who does this, they do, that’s who.  OH RIGHT so I was at a party once in Halifax and I saw a guy in a Bathory t-shirt, so obviously I went up to him (marketing) and did “hey nice shirt (manoeuvre beer to touch his)” and then he asked if I was from town I said yes (pause) but I live in Delhi and then I said “hey have you heard of Tetrag-” AND THAT WAS IT the guy grabbed my hand and looked at me eyes bulging and crazed as he also did the mouth agape thing and then I realised, “fuck he also knows who does that”.  Halifax is 12008 km away from Kolkata.  

Simon Jones – Melanie and Me

This guy was Galaxie 500 before Galaxie 500.  I can’t find the song only so heres the whole LP.  I think he was Aussie.  I’ve never been there.  They have, like a way of dressing no – I sense that men are more ok with scoop neck t shirts and stuff.  But then they also seem super bro at the same time.  Anyway I’ve never been, this song is, I guess, very emotional.  I want to be a distortion pedal when I grow up.

Lata Ramasar – Hiway Xpress

Obviously everyone knows this song because it’s the best.  All the recent remixes are garbage, ignore them.  This cannot be improved upon (see below for an exception).  My friend calls it his “get the fuck on it right now what the fuck” song.  I think she talks about her and her sister going to Canada and dancing in the street and other stuff about the “police”.  Clearly KDR Recoding is very much still around as they (someone) took down all the uploads of this on YouTube, so here’s a sample, sucks but hey maybe now Lata is getting some of that internet schmoney.  Add the loudest most aggro kick on each 1 on the 4 and everyone automatically dies (gabber chutney).  

Hiway Xpress – Lata Ramasar (1980)

Radio is a Foreign Country ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಮಂಗಳವಾರ, ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 25, 2020

The New Year – My Bleeding Wound

I think they released just one 7”.  The B side is OK but, yeah, this is the side really.  Doesn’t matter where I play this it’s the same “what Dilla track is this” and then it becomes obvious that no, they recorded it like this and like that and so on.  Cleveland, Ohio, 1974.  I don’t know anything about Ohio at all except for the Ohio Players.  This sounds like PCP.

Giang Ngoc – Hay Den Voi Em

I couldn’t stop listening to this for weeks.  Giang Ngoc!  Where is she now!  But then I realized it was a cover of a Lisa G track.  But fuck that, this is the one.  Her apprehension in starting, her haircut, the slightly stunned look on her face, and, her ultimate owning all of that and more in the last third of the track renders this SUPERIOR.  There’s a bunch of these, someone taped some community TV station that catered to the Vietnamese diaspora there San Jose in the late 80s.  It’s the best.  I think you can get pho in New Delhi.

โฆษณา แดนเนรมิต

I don’t watch a lot of movies because acting seems suspect but I do watch a lot of commercials because a) they are the most sincere form of filmmaking that exists b) they are deeply steeped in localized reference points that ultimately become canonical in cultural identity assertion c) they have to be ruthlessly efficient in leaving an impression.  Thailand makes the best commercials on Earth. I really want to go to this child distraction place now.

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