Pratika 15th Sep, 2020

Selections for the week courtesy composer, vocalist and host Pratika. She’s known for her ability to do a wide range of vocal styles including singing, rapping and growl/scream vocals over hard rock and metal songs.

Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

Manson’s 11th studio album WE ARE CHAOS brings back memories from his old and newer works to make yet another banger of an album. This dirty industrial sound with a partly goth aesthetic is why he’s always been such an iconic personality in music worldwide. 

Hautewulf – Addicted EP Extended Version

Mohan pulled off a one-man army with this one! With some heavy thought behind this sci-fi, cyber punk adventure of an android, it’s interesting what his production and music skills bring to the table. He has also worked on the animation and VFX for the video. Check this one out!!

The Lightyears Explode – Satire 

This was a full ‘oho, beat change’ moment for me, listening to these guys sound like this on record. From a more punk than pop vibe, I don’t deny I’m actually liking this sound.

Quest – Kaafi Dino Se

This boy is amazing! He’s tried something outside the comfort zone of rap completely. Part of the crew FTS, he released an EP earlier this year and it’s lovely. Check this track out, and it talks about shutting oneself down due to certain losses in life, leaving you introspecting and looking inside. 

Pathetic Disillusion – Messenger from the West

Modern metal from Kolkata. I’d never heard this band, but I am loving what I’ve heard. It’s a blend of all your favourite modern metal influences, primarily some Contortionist, but the classical raaga that wraps off the song steals the cake!

Karan Kanchan x Seedhe Maut – Dum Pishaach

This is sort of what I want to achieve out. I just love how both Encore ABJ and Calm’s vocal tones complement each other, backed by a mad track produced by Karan Kanchan. Got that hip hop x dj0nt (Read: djent) sound happening, very modern. I’ve been observing Karan Kanchan work with a lot of different genres and that’s pretty lit! 

Sarthak Bijalwan, Shani, Maven Music – Kya Challa

A cool easy going hip hop track about the daily hustle.  It was the first time I’d heard these artists ever this week, so that was refreshing. It has a nice video to accompany it too. 

Labels- Pratika x Krantinaari

Pratika also released a new last week called Labels with Krantinaari. The conscious hip hop track addresses racism and discrimination based on caste, religion and people of colour. 

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