by Nikhil Kaul 7th Jul, 2020

Selections for the week courtesy New Delhi based producer and DJ, Nikhil Kaul a.k.a Frame/Frame.

Azu Tiwaline ft. Cinna Peyghamy – Magnetic Service

UK techno purveyors, Livity Sound’s latest offering from Tunisian artist Azu Tiwaline is a breath of fresh air. Her collaboration with Cinna Peyghamy on the title track of ‘Magnetic Service’ combines her love for tribal polyrhythms with the common tropes of dub music, resulting in a track that is highly uncommon. A patient, yet highly rewarding listen.

Flekke – Averse

The opening track on Bangalore-based artist collective Consolidate’s 2020 edition of ‘Frnds & Fmly’, their annual mixtape, is by newcomer Flekke. Composed out of organic textures and found sound, her vocal line is the real star of the production. A perfect invitation into the compilation, the track is a standout piece. I wish I could understand more of the words, mostly so I can sing along.

_RHL – Aye Mere Mere

A bit further into the compilation is a new offering from label boss Rahul Giri. _RHL has long been one of my favourite producers from the Indian subcontinent, and this track goes a bit further in cementing that position. A twisted take on bass music, the cheeky vocal sample pays homage to India without getting too cringe, something that many producers have been striving to achieve, mostly inconsistently. ‘Aye Mere Mere’ strikes the perfect balance.

Oceantied – 2020 is Will From Stranger Things Falling Into The Upside Down

Another interesting phenomenon happening during these strange times is the new compilation series entitled ‘22-2’. The idea, incepted by a talented pool of Indian producers, was to create a track from a set of samples in a mere two days. Oceantied, one of the more prolific beatmakers this side of the world, comes in at track #6 with his signature take on footwork. A lilting Indian classical melody and tanpura drone serves as the bed of the track, as Ketan Bahirat’s intricate, machine-like drum programming captures your attention. A blink-and-you-miss-it kind of affair, only a moment later the track transforms itself into a Jungle banger.

Caribou – Sister (Floating Points Remix)

Caribou’s album ‘Suddenly’ is testament to his genius—further solidified by reworks from his enviable set of friends, Four Tet and now Floating Points. The latter’s remix of ‘Sister’ takes a step back in time from his more modular techno offerings and goes back to his use of organic textures more in the vein of ‘Nuits Sonores’ or ‘Arp3’. Signature shuffly drums, fluttery piano counters and a tiny vocal tidbit make up the journey, all underscored by a deep bassline perfectly designed for a road trip (whenever that’s applicable).

MJ Cole – Sonoran (DJ Seinfeld Remix)

Garage legend MJ Cole’s ambient piece ‘Sonoran’ gets an edit courtesy LoFi champion DJ Seinfeld. The drums, programmed to sound like an acoustic kit swing in and out, breathing with life. Carefully curated piano chops and haunting cello melodies from the original help retain a sense of melancholy and nostalgia designed for introspective moments deep into the night. 

Pearson Sound – Cobwebs

When Hessle Audio releases music, it’s advisable that you listen. Pearson Sound’s new EP, ‘Alien Mode’ is no different. For me the standout track on the EP is ‘Cobwebs’, a heady mix of influences that’s difficult to pin down—cascading percussions somehow held together by a heady footwork rhythm and sub texture that just keeps coming at you. Let it play, and your body will do the rest of the work. 

Pangaea – Like This (Full Mix)

“Djs, this is for you”. No truer words were spoken. The statement perfectly describes this 5 am banger from Pangaea also on Hessle. The UK garage leaning tune interspersed by classic house stabs is the perfect answer to your quarantine workout needs. As the synths evolve and expand, so will your mind. Rave, rinse, repeat.

Denham Audio – Throw Your Hands Up

The instructional title of this new release on Lobster Theremin is quite appropriate. The breaks laden tune from Denham Audio is part of the latest 22-track monster compilation from the London-based label. Just as the infectious bassline makes a case for to pull off gravity-defying hand acrobatics, reesy stabs only add to the evidence. 

Christian Coiffure – Bassbenders Theme (12” Remasterz)

As I continue to compile this list, I’ve understood quite clearly that my need for dance music hasn’t dissipated in spite of the lack of dance floors. This peak time track from Christian Coiffure is a further representation of that fact. A wailing synth rises and falls through the course of this tune, punctuated by a flurry of percussion that’ll get your head bobbing. And just when the tension seems to get overwhelming, you embark upon a clearing—a lush forest appears at around the 2 minute mark, giving you the slightest break before descending back into the pocketed rhythms of the track.

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