by Aneesha Kotwani 4th May, 2020

Aneesha Kotwani, founder of WAVLNGTH, presents The Roundup for this week. Here’s her 10 favourite releases from the past week.

Studio Barnhus – Serenity Now, Insanity Later

Most of the albums that I have picked are connected with artists who I have worked with at WAVLNGTH because if I have worked with them that means I admire their work. Studio Barnhus is a Swedish label run by Axel Boman, Kornel Kovacs and Petter Nordkvist. Coincidently 2020 is the year where the label and collective complete 10 years since they were established. Being DJ’s and music makers themselves, they have been an important key to defining what is sometimes called the ‘Scandanavian Sound’. With their sound being more feel good and dance floor friendly, this compilation is an ambient electronic one, a genre that I have personally been digging a lot of whilst in quarantine. The music teleports you as if into space evoking emotions of calmness and serenity, also showcasing how diverse are the lot who also produce the house music bangers.

Jordan GCZ – Lushlyfe III (Rush Hour Music)

Back in June 2019, we toured Isralean electronic music duo Juju and Jordash compromising of Jordan ( based in Amsterdam) and Gal (based in Israel) who were also the first artists to release on Dekmantel which apart from being a recognised label is also a world renowned music festival. One half of the duo, Jordan released an EP with Rush Hour Music where he opens the blinds and reveals the most lush of mornings. Tracks 1 & 2 were broadcast live in April 2020, during a series of improvised home studio sessions. The final track was recorded some years before, upon a mountain at twilight. 

The Colours That Rise – Grey Doubt

Rhythm Section International is a label founded in 2014 by Bradley Zero who also toured India for the first time courtesy us in August 2016. Showcasing a great repertoire of artists, one of the latest album offerings from the South London label and collective is delivered by producer duo Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams, The Colours That Rise named Grey Doubt. The album features acclaimed guests such as Yazmin Lacey, Yussef Dayes and Andrew Ashong. To quote the band behind the conceptualisation of the album, “We wanted to make an audio documentary with some music about a secret history, or what some people might call a conspiracy theory – that black people live on Mars. In a world full of creeping uncertainty about truth, half-truth and post-truth – no information or history can be trusted, not even the fabric of reality. So we’re just 2 guys with a broken tape machine and some information about a different world. Expect lo-fi electronic jams, 70’s funk, hip-hop and music to dance to.”

R&S Records – In Order To Care

Raj Chaudhari is one of the co-founders of Livin’ Proof – a hip hop night curated in London, a DJ and a freelance A&R at R&S Records. After many a personal encounters with his best friend working on the frontline of the Covid 19 pandemic in the UK and realising how tough this is for them, a charity fundraiser album came to the front released on R&S records – the album has already got immense support with the funds that will help supply PPE visors to NHS staff. A lot of producers that I personally dig and follow such as Fauzia, K-Lone, Or:La, Peach, Special Request, DJ Rum, Hubie Davison, Shanti Celeste and Raj aka Raji Rags himself have all contributed to this 43-track album. 

KinKai – A Pennies Worth

The previous four album recommendations have a personal connection as I have worked with all the people behind these labels // projects and now we get to the music that I have spent time on researching bearing in mind the time constraint that I had to stick too with regards to my album picks (I must add I have quite enjoyed this process). Stumbled upon this really cool hip hop project from an artist named KinKai. Living in the outskirts of Manchester with his single mom and two brothers, KinKai delivers soul hop with a modern twist. With hints of jazz elements, ambient production and heavy hip-hop beats the album features collaborators such as Children of Zues, Akemi Fox, Saffron Grace and [K S R]

Drake – Dark Lane Demo Tapes

I was reading an article on NPR that stated, ” With so many of the world’s social rhythms disrupted, it can be reassuring when at least something is predictable, and nothing has more consistently accompanied the coming of summer in recent pop music history than new music from Drake.”

I don’t think I need to say anything more 🙂 

Antariksha Sanchar – Transmissions In Space Vol.1

In early 2018, Murthovic, visual artist Avinash Kumar and J. Eshwar put together a 90 minute opera that debuted in Mumbai at the Royal Opera House with further stops in Delhi and Bangalore. I was gutted to miss the show, but I remember Murthovic was also featured on NTS radio as a part of our 3 month collaboration and played a lot of music from this catalogue to give a glimpse to the outside world of our Indian heritage and culture. Last week, not only one but two albums were released – the first one featuring a selection of eight original tracks picked from these shows, scored by Murthovic and his carnatic electronic ensemble, based out of Hyderabad. 

Antariksha Sanchar – Transmissions In Space Vol.2

I absolutely love the take on this one because it includes the using the same eight tracks with reworks done from forward thinking electronic music producers in the country including the likes of The Sine Painter, Folic State, Oceantied, FILM, Todh Teri, Spryk, RHL and Madboy. 

serpentwithfeet – Apparition EP

Josiah Wise aka Serpentwithfeet is an experimental musician based in New York. After releasing an EP in 2016, followed by album the producer has returned to the shortened format with the latest EP Apparatition. A mix of R&B, Gospel with a classical touch is how I would describe his music and I personally really enjoy smooth sounds.  

Ital Tek – Outland

I would like to end my 10th album recommendation with Ital Tek’s album Outland. I have to admit, initially I wasn’t a big fan of the synth, I like more deeper and earthy sounds. But overtime, after seeing various electronic artists perform LIVE using the synths and actually being able to witness the magic real time; the atmospheric, futuristic, celestial, spacey environment that the instrument creates always teleports me into another time. I started growing an appreciation for it and now I even manage an electronic artist who goes by the name of Seasonal Affected Beats where synths play an important role in his productions. The last two months have been challenging for good days and bad – this album with it’s dramatic, cinematic and powerful compositions, definitely stirred a lot of emotions in me when I heard it the first time. Also, very rarely do electronic music producers from the UK disappoint. 

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