Muralists That Inspire – A curation by Osheen Siva

Method x Osheen Siva 22nd Sep, 2021

Illustrator/ Muralist Osheen Siva presented her first solo show, Inflorescence, at Method Art Space from 20th August to 12th September. In her show, she imagined a future of solidarity, sisterhood, resilience, and manifestation of her ancestral dreams. Her murals can be spotted in areas of Delhi, Goa, Kerala and Chennai. We sat down with Osheen to look at women muralists from around the world that isnpire her.

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โ€œWhat I like most about these artists is the fact that they use their respective heritage and culture as a backbone and take inspiration from the past to mix it with the contemporary landscapeโ€, Osheen tells Method.  

The underlying theme to the works of Osheen and the muralists listed below is their vision of incorporating the present and the future to their respective cultural roots. This speculative storytelling also empowers and formulates a holistic narrative for people who have been othered too often. Here’s what she has to say about each of her favourite muralists.

Aravani Art Project 

I love their commitment to celebrate love, acceptance, representation and how the organisation only works with the trans community to produce their murals/walls.  Based in Bangalore, the Aravani team has made murals around India which you can check out here.

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Caledonia Curry aka Swoon

Caledonia Curry is a pioneer in the female mural art scene! I love that she uses a community-based practice as a means to communicate strong and important messages in an approachable and democratic way. 

Trained as a printmaker, Curry has innovated new approaches to large scale murals while using easily destructive mediums like paper mountings on walls. Here’s where you can read more about Swoon’s work and art.

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Lauren Y S aka Squid Licker

Iโ€™m obsessed with Lauren. They are super bold, experiential, unapologetic and they pay homage to their heritage. Lauren and their murals stand for LGBTQ and Asian rights, they are unfiltered, uncensored, intergalactic – whatโ€™s not to LOVE!

Lauren is based in Los Angeles. Here’s where you can check out more of their murals.

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Jasmine Lark aka Caratoes

I actually first got introduced to graffiti through Caratoes! When I was working in Hong Kong in 2015, on my way to work every day in Sheung Wan, there were these beautiful portraits and graffiti-covered walls everywhere. I was instantly hooked!

Check out more art by Caratoes here.

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Brontรซ Naylor 

Bronte is a badass Australian artist. We worked on the St+art India Kannagi Nagar festival together in Chennai last year. I learnt so much by just observing her conquer a wall. Sheโ€™s sooo elegant, observant and super fast! 

Naylor’s murals have site specific references and a specific collage aesthetic. More of her work, is listed here.

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Shilo Shiv Suleman

I love the community-based workshops, encouragement and the act of painting together with a group of people that Shilo incorporates in her work.

Founder of the Fearless Collective, Shilo’s community efforts, the infusion of social change and technology along with magical realism makes her one of the prominent muralists in India.

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Yessi Nur Mulianawati aka Yessiow 

Yessi Nur Mulianawati is an amazing Indonesian artist/muralist who has fully conquered Goa with her beautiful artworks. I love her focus on inclusion, body positivity, female empowerment and how prolific she is. So inspirational! She pushed me to paint together in Goa and Iโ€™m forever grateful.

Yessi is also the founder of the first doodle art community in Indonesia. Find more bright and cheerful murals here.

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Aiko Nakagawa aka Lady Aiko 

Love the style! Again, muralist Lady Aiko is very much a pioneer in the female mural and graffiti scene. Really like the remix of heritage and culture with the contemporary and the female empowerment that shows in her work.

Based in NYC, Lady Aiko began her journey in the city whilst working with Takashi Murakami. More by the muralist here.

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Egle Zvirblyte

I have looked upto Egle’s bold, quirky and fun way to approach the enormous message of equality and female empowerment. Egle is a Lithuanian muralist and illustrator based in London.

More of her super cool murals here.

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