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dear melancholy

by Parizad D

the exhibit

A collection of musings and memories from a surreal passage of time, “dear melancholy,” is a transient body of work, meant to adapt shape and structure to whatever vessel it is placed in. Currently in its most nascent stage, it lives in two worlds simultaneously. One, where it attempts to hold on to the stillness of a moment – that which is forever fleeting. Two, where it attempts to let go of the same – for it no longer adds value in the way that it once did. In a way, it is an ode to a time, a place, a love; and the residue of melancholia that it leaves behind. Despite the name, it is not an unhappy story – but merely the interlude of a song that is still in the process of writing itself. An exercise in self preservation, if you may; an act of quiet self love. A momentary yet wholehearted acceptance of the self that is; rather than the usual rabid pursuit of the self that should be.

the artist

Parizad D

Parizad D is a multidisciplinary visual artist based out of Bombay, India. With her primary practice rooted firmly in traditional photography, she enjoys experimenting with various forms of alternative image capture and digital art. Her current explorations aim to find a sense of cohesiveness within the use of multiple mediums, in an attempt to blur the lines between cross platform binaries.

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