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Death & Taxes

by Maya Varadaraj

the exhibit

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin.

Assuming this statement is the truth, the work explores the uncertainty in between these two actions. The work, still in process, uses a formulaic method of exploration; if this then what?

If death and taxes are the only certainty then how does material culture position itself? With this analysis, all material culture must then be commodities for death, and/or expressions of death.

Let the clothes we wear embellish patterns of death

Let furniture reflect our biological degradation

And let’s embrace images of darkness and the after life.

The installation visually responds to this statement by resembling a living space that is saturated with death, frailty, and insecurity.

The project also scrutinizes the certainty of human consciousness under the truth of this statement.


the artist

Maya Varadaraj

Maya Varadaraj is an interdisciplinary artist, and designer. Her work is often presented as multi-media installations and paintings. Through the use and observance of material culture as a material in itself, her work makes social commentaries pertaining to gender inequality, hierarchies of consciousness, and animal studies. Varadaraj’s work has been exhibited at the Vitra Design Museum, Assembly Room NYC, Center For Emerging Visual Artists, Spazzio Rosanna Orlandi, Block 37 Chicago, and Mana Contemporary New Jersey.

the art


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