'Pause' is a series of ongoing digital exhibits where artists share projects and creative endeavours that, for whatever reason,
never reached the state of completion they hoped for. To know more, and to submit your works for consideration, please go here


by Aditya Damle

the exhibit

Deathless is a collection of stand-alone stories about the adventures of this nomadic immortal which is part of an ongoing comic. It is introspective in a way where Aditya tries to explore the relationship between time and space, and other such conceptual questions through the life of a ‘deathless human’. It is executed through the visual sequential storytelling format of a comic. The project originated while he was pondering over the endless seeming nature of this pandemic. The very perception of time was broken and months just seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. This feeling coupled with a few good sources of inspiration like Mike Mignola’s ‘Hellboy’, Douglas Adams and his ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ was what inspired him to create Deathless.

the artist

Aditya Damle

Aditya Damle is a visual designer and the founder of DAM, an independent creative studio based in Mumbai. He is a passionate illustrator with digital art as his preferred medium, but occasionally dabbling in acrylics on canvas. He has collaborated with several incredible musicians like Raja Kumari, Sitar Metal, Gurbax, Jatin Talukdar Project and Panchattva, to name a few, creating album/song artwork and merchandise, art-directing photo shoots, designing visual identities and animating videos and visuals. He is also an avid science fiction, comic book, mythology, popular culture and fantasy fanatic – topics that serve as fuel for his creativity.

the art


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