'Pause' is a series of ongoing digital exhibits where artists share projects and creative endeavours that, for whatever reason,
never reached the state of completion they hoped for. To know more, and to submit your works for consideration, please go here


by Sayan Chanda

the exhibit

Indigenous everyday objects are a tangible manifestation of cultural and social legacy and effective indicators of faith and belief systems of a community. Such traditions often don’t begin as an abstract philosophy but are born out of necessity. ‘Itinerant’ explores such deep-seated connotations and assumptions about craft processes and quotidian objects through Kantha, a Bengali quilting tradition. The quasi-ritualistic process of deconstructing and reconstructing the quilts draws parallels to votive objects and related faith-based practices. Used vintage quilts have been rubbed, torn, cut, aged, painted and embroidered with hand-spun cotton yarn in an attempt to underline the impermanence of material, memory and time.

the artist

Sayan Chanda

Sayan Chanda is an artist and textile practitioner from Kolkata, India, currently based in London. Sayan draws from indigenous traditions and works intuitively with cloth; weaving it, stitching it, piercing it, deconstructing it, creating a palimpsest of personal experiences, narratives and memories. He uses mark-making and repetition as tools to explore meditative repetitive systems in hyperlocal customs and vernacular ritualistic practices. Through his practice, he intends to demystify and contextualize living craft traditions by exploring personal and community history.

the art


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