'Pause' is a series of ongoing digital exhibits where artists share projects and creative endeavours that, for whatever reason,
never reached the state of completion they hoped for. To know more, and to submit your works for consideration, please go here


by Randolph Correia

the exhibit

Shirtless is me at home
Shirtless looking for works to finish
Shirtless is me waiting, not picking up the phone
Shirtless is me underwater
Shirtless is me falling out of love
Shirtless is me dreaming
Shirtless is me defying
Shirtless is me accepting
Shirtless is when i am not sorry
Shirtless is when i’m shredding
Shirtless is me at home

These works stemmed out of collages i was making to digitize and then finish using various image manipulators. I would then print them myself on canvas. Gave me immense joy. But then i eventually ran out of canvas and my printer broke and these images were stranded on my machine hoping one day they could get out attach them self to some sexy ass surface. For a reason there is always something sexual or musical in my work. It completes my design on many levels and brings closer, my relationship with art, simply colour sometimes and sometimes the universe.

the artist

Randolph Correia

Randolph Correia is a guitarist, electronic music producer, DJ and graphic artist from Mumbai. Part of the iconic Indian band ‘Pentagram‘, Randolph laid the foundation in the early 90’s for a movement in the Indian indie music scene without which the current landscape might perhaps have not been as interesting as it is. His work along side Monica Dogra in Shaair + Func saw him bend genres and further the cause for electronic music in India in the mid 2000s. Randolph has played more gigs and festivals in more countries that we can list here. Some of the bands he has shared a stage with are The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and Tori Amos.

While he may be most prolific as a musician, Randolph studied art at the prestiged Sir J.J School of Arts in Mumbai and has always been developing art in the background.

With Pause, Randolph Correia shares some selex works that has developed in the last 5 years.

Living and working out of Bombay, Randolph is currently setting up his own label and looking to release 12 projects this year which includes his latest solo projects as BLITCH, Girls On Canvas, The Night and a special collaboration with Sidd Coutto called Laptop.

To stay updated on what Randolph is upto, find him on Instagram.

the art


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