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by Surabhi Chowdhary

the exhibit

Trespassing is a reflective portrayal of social and cultural milieu – a cathartic process in development.
Initially it emerged as a result of mark making and later used as a coping mechanism to avoid stressful situations.

We humans are like an open sponge to the world as we absorb the ideas and actions of people who we are exposed to and surrounded with.

We are conditioned to live in a certain way in this society, one is almost ridiculed if they do not follow the social and cultural norms.

Let us assume our whole existence is falsely true – that we are not meant to be where we are. If so would you start valuing your point of existence and stop taking it for granted? Would you begin to embrace the imperfections adorned in this society?


the artist

Surabhi Chowdhary

Surabhi Chowdhary is a Kolkata-based printmaker, sculptor and installation artist. A graduate from the London College of Communication, she aspires to communicate concrete subjects relating to the prevalent social stigmas that hampers one’s identity. She has showcased her works in several group shows since.

Chowdhary’s works evolve around the theme of anthropology and is further accentuated by drawing parallels between human relationships and the co-existing society. As a result, the cause and effect relation within the ecosystem play an important part in her works. Additionally, the themes of Anthropocene and the Anthropic Principle is an ongoing research in her artistic practice.

the art


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