'Pause' is a series of ongoing digital exhibits where artists share projects and creative endeavours that, for whatever reason,
never reached the state of completion they hoped for. To know more, and to submit your works for consideration, please go here


by Ashwin Chacko

the exhibit

Unveiled is a show that delves into a deep introspection of self.

Questioning how we look at ourselves and how we relate to society. Examining love, marriage, social obligation and ones own identity.

It seeks to demonstrate our need for balance across all spheres of influence from personal to social.

the artist

Ashwin Chacko

Ashwin Chacko is an Indian storyteller, illustrator & designer living and working in Dublin. He is interested in uncovering the social interactions that drive culture. He seeks to capture these moments in bold lines & shapes, his compositions focus on a strong use of characters intermingled with typography and patterns. He has worked with clients such as Facebook, Nike, Puma, Dublin Inquirer, and the United Nations.

For more of Ashwin’s work, head over to his website or Instagram.

the art


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