The Method Rooftop Residency is a one-month artist residency open to all artists interested in large format art creation. The goal is that each artist will complete a minimum of one piece of artwork 120 cm (4 feet) in height or larger plus participate in collaborative art making. Artists who participate in the program will benefit from the experience of co-creating artwork, learning from and sharing ideas with other artists in residency, having ample space to bring independent art concepts to life and access to some, if not all, required materials, free of cost. Additionally, artwork created during the residency may be showcased in a group show in 2020. Artists from all backgrounds, experience levels, and ages are welcome to apply.


  • Why is it called Method Rooftop Residency?

    Many of the sessions will take place on an urban rooftop, under the open air, with a view of the sea, daily sunsets and flocks of gliding birds.

  • When & where is the residency?

    January 12-February 15, 2020.

    Scheduled residency sessions will take place:

    Every Sunday 3 to 6pm

    Three Saturdays, 3 to 6pm

    Two Thursdays, 5:30 to 8pm

    There will be a total of 10 sessions and residents are expected to attend a minimum of seven sessions.

    Optional sessions may be organized by Method or residents themselves.

    The sessions will primarily take place in Bandra West, Mumbai, but occasionally may take place at Method Art Space in Kala Ghoda.

    Artists need not be from Mumbai, but will be expected to travel for sessions or cover their own expenses to live in Mumbai during the residency.

  • What kind of art does the residency support?

    There are many talented artists who, due to space, cost and other restraints limit their artistic creation to smaller format art creation. The Method Rooftop Residency will enable artists to create art on canvases or mixed media that are a minimum of 120 cm (4 ft) in height. Artists with any background can apply, however creation during the residency will be limited to canvas, paint, wood and some mixed media supplies.

  • What is the incentive for applying for a Method Rooftop Residency?

    Artists continue to grow by inserting themselves in new situations, communities, and experiences. Method Rooftop Residency will give artists the opportunity to do this.

    Additionally, some of the sessions will have guest artists working side by side resident artists. Guest artists are not teachers or instructors. Their role is to bring a shift in mood, ideas, and things that happen at each session. In short, to keep things fresh and inspiring!

  • What are the terms & conditions?
    1. First and foremost, every artist will be expected to respect the work & opinion of fellow residents, organizers and guests.
    2. Method Art Space will retain exclusive representation of the artwork created during the residency.
    3. Method may exhibit or sell the pieces at a price agreed upon with the artist + Method.
    4. Method will keep a commission of the sale. If the art is exhibited anywhere, the artist will receive all due credit and will be compensated if Method is compensated.
    5. Please keep in mind: Method aims at working with and for artists, so we will work with residents to decide if/when/where a piece is exhibited.