Suchi Ahuja 14th Jul, 2020

Selections for the week courtesy New York and London based DJ, producer and host of “Through The Smog, Suchi Ahuja.

Galcher Lustwerk – Speed (Acmemoma remix)

Galscher Lustwerk is back with a new 6 track EP out on Ghostly Records. The 5th track on the EP is a remix by duo AceMoma (who’ve been relentlessly releasing music lately). Galcher’s usual downtempo housey beats have been flipped into a more jungle-informed techno track which easily takes you deep into the afterhours, wherever you might be partying. 

K15 – Elemental

“Elemental” is a spacious, jazzy broken-beat track from London producer K15. It’s taken from Volume 1 – Culross Close and is the first collaboration between London artist K15’s Esencia imprint and Patrick Gibin’s Mother Tongue. The heavy nostalgic piano elements, strings and synth leads show a beautiful merge of South London’s broken beat sound and emerging jazz scene.

EOD – Tub Acid

“Tub Acid” is a melodic electro inspired track by Norwegian producer EOD. It’s part of an impressive 23 track album called “Volume 4” which consists of “a lot of weird and archived tracks from olden eras that follow the spirit of the older volumes”. Norway’s electronic music scene is often affiliated with nu disco, indie and pop, but emerging producers are increasingly tapping into a more nostalgic house, techno and trance sound – in a similar vein to Copenhagen’s already pretty established techno scene. This compilation is filled with acid and electro tracks evoking sounds similar to Drexciya and AUX 88. 

TT Slider – 1 

“These songs may or may not appear in a film in making” is the only description accompanied next to the 3 track EP by Bristol based producer TT Slider. It’s actually a pretty solid compilation with ravey broken beats, atmospheric synths and piano based compositions that start to sound more like a film score. The opening track “1” is the most club-focused of the lot with a punchy broken beat kick that cuts through the ravey atmospheric synths. 

Tee- Panic [LL017]

This V/A on Loose Lip brings together a range of artists from across the world who we’ve the label has connected with throughout the last 6 years. Vol 1 focuses on “dancefloor pumpers”, wild beats, uptempo and harder vibes. “Panic” from Tee is a truly uptempo broken beat with ghetto-house inspired vocals sampled elegantly into the composition. The synth melodies overlaid with the vocals bring a 90s hip hop feel to the track that works surprisingly well with the classic ravey broken beat.

Channel37 – Synewave [HDP 17]

Another scandi selection from Copenhagen based label Hedphon. CPH is often affiliated with hard and fast techno, but “Synewave” is a slower acidy wonky one with a lot of Detroit groove. “Synewave” is the last track on the 9 track album called Jazz Funk. All tracks are composed, mixed and recorded live on turntables, CDJs, MPC, analogue dirty synths and drum machines, giving out a truly raw and analog sound which the label seems to focus heavily on. 


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