Anhad + Tanner 22nd Sep, 2020

Selections for the week courtesy Anhad + Tanner, a musical duo creating a sonic experience filled with nuances of Indian electronica.

La La La – That’s How It Goes (Jordan Rakei Remix) 

Jordan Rakei seems to be on top of the quarantine remixes as of late. Most recently is this remix of HONNE’s “la la la that’s how it goes.” The remix takes the originally cute track into a darker space with its crunchy bass line and over compressed drums which drive the tune throughout. The pocket on the groove is deep, holds us both along with all the other things happening in the song. What was once a playful “la la la” in the vocals now feels almost haunting. Whether it’s better or worse than the original doesn’t matter, the point is Rakei really dug in and explored an alternate reality for HONNE’s track, and for what it’s worth, we quite dig the result.

3 Hour Drive – Alicia Keys (Ft. Sampha)

Alicia Keys and Sampha together is music for your soul. The analogue drum machine style groove with a pinch of modern soundscapes to add relevance is a genius addition to the song. Lush keys and a deeper emphasis on the production of modern RnB and Soul, over all, is very much evident through this tune. Great title, and a great song.

K.L.F.G – Daniela Andrade

Daniela Andrade’s “K.L.F.G” has that cozy bedroom recording soundscape that has been popping up in contemporary production as of late. And we are definitely here for it. What better way to turn the industry on its head than create an aesthetic where imperfection is used as a strength. Add to that some quality destructive mixing of the vocals and the vibe is complete. This track is short and sweet, and if you managed to make out the lyrics, maybe cover your kid’s ears if they’re around.

SULA (Hardcover) – Jamila Woods

Since her debut album HEAVN which released in 2017, Jamila Woods has been contributing some very substantial tracks to the Neo soul scene. While she’s not a power-house vocalist, her background in poetry and activism make for lyrical content that is far deeper than your average love song. Her most recent two-part single entitled SULA (a tribute to legendary author Toni Morrison) continues this theme as she doesn’t shy away from talking about gender and race. In addition to the lyrics, she clearly has a host of killing musicians to back her as her tracks are rich musically as well, this one relying heavily on the sloppy yet tight groove laid down in the drums/percussion. Its always a pleasure to see a new release from Wood’s, looking forward to the next!

Cant Say That To You – Richard Spaven, Sandunes

Having heard Sandunes and Spaven perform live, this EP was a much anticipated release and we’ve been listening to it a fair bit since it came out. Sandune’s has been a pertinent pivot in pushing the electronic music boundaries from the Indian territory and hearing Richard Spaven’s linear groove approach to the soundscapes of Sandunes has surely made this EP stand out. Extremely edgy and a solid performance, recorded really well! A compelling coming together of West London broken beat style linear grooves and what seems to be the electronics of the Bombay dreams…its a solid EP and its here to stay.

Places – Nuages

Not a ground breaking track or anything, but Nuages’ “Places” is a great track if you want to head up to the clouds and feel wide open space. Huh, maybe that’s where the name comes from.. The intro is a lovely middle finger to the short attention span of modern listeners as he drops a minute of ambient textural sounds that have nothing to do with the next 3 minutes of music. As the song progresses it’s all about heavy synths and lots of reverb. And hey, its also in 7! Which is quite fun and not super common in downtempo electronica. A+T likes!

Head Above The Parakeets – HAAi

This tune by HAAi is the definition of everything left field electronica. Probably the most forward thinking EP released in the last few months, an absolute gem for anyone who wants to explore a more twisted approach to composition, production genre and sound blending smoothy like mixture. “Tanner, you gotta check this topper top EP out” messaged Anhad a few days ago. HAAi is soon going to achieve a a modern day legendary status. What an artist!

Bon Viveur – HAAi

Once again, a tune from the new HAAi EP titled “Put your head above the Parakeets”. A true banger setting a very high standard for what the meaning of contemporary, underground, dance floor music is all about. It ends the way it starts but takes us through a meal full of healthy amen breaks adding lots of roughage, electro influenced modular soundscapes acting as condiments and a very unique plating style dictating the colorful form of the track. How gourmet! 

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