Suyasha Sengupta 28th Jul, 2020

Selections for the week courtesy Kolkata based songwriter/musician Suyasha Sengupta aka Plastic Parvati who loves experimenting with lo-fi pop, 90s grunge and good old storytelling.

Glass Animals- Heat Waves

One can’t simply listen to a Glass Animals track and not have it stuck in their head for the rest of the day. Smooth beats, dreamy synths and crisp production. I’m looking forward to listening to their new record in its entirety when it releases early next month. 

Sylvan Esso-Ferris Wheel

This makes for a great addition to the quintessential ‘Dancing Alone’ playlist thanks to the novel coronavirus. It’s perfect to bop around to when you feel any cabin fever and need something to take your mind off the stress.

Grouplove- Inside Out

If you like Bon Iver or The National or maybe even The Kings of Convenience then Grouplove is right up your alley.

Neon Trees-Nights

Think 80s nostalgia but with updated sounds. This one’s very reminiscent of the David Bowie record ‘Let Dance’. 

Sonic Youth Full Set || From The Basement

Although not a recent concert, this was only released this week in for fans like me to enjoy from the confines of home. As a cloud of uncertainty looms over live music and concerts, it’s comforting to watch one of the great bands there ever was, Sonic Youth, do what they do best… rock out. 

LP-The One That You Love

In her new single LP sounds like the lovechild of Dolly Parton and Linda Perry; rides a horse across the wild west in the video and is just generally busy being her incredibly cool self. I get genuinely excited when older queer artists release new music, sort of feels like an unexpected Christmas present. They also serve as a reminder of how far we have come collectively. 

Oliver Tree-I’m Gone

Rock music as we know isn’t dead, it’s just morphed into a new avatar. The anti-hero vibe of the video helps the single steer clear of dated hyper-masculine stereotypes. 

The Strokes- Ode To The Mets

The Strokes have consistently released great music over the last decade or so and this one leaves you with that sinking feeling in your stomach long after the song is over. It’s probably one of the most hauntingly melancholic things I’ve heard all week. 

Fatboy Slim Lockdown Mixtape (Week 18)

Fatboy Slim needs no introduction. It’s become a ritual for me to have a dance party for 1 at home every week thanks to him. This week’s mixtape features Sylvester’s ‘Do You Wanna Funk’, one of my all time disco songs. Double win!

Dorian Electra- Give Great Thanks

Take a trip to the wonderfully weird world of Dorian Electra through their latest single. It’s raw, visceral breaks all the rules of pop music. 

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