Sutej Singh 30th Mar, 2021

Music selection courtesy – guitarist/composer Sutej Singh, known to keep you afloat with his dulcet and distinct Instrumental Progressive Rock.

Caravan – Joe Jackson

He is an absolute genius, totally underrated. This song alone has so much into it.

Hourglass – Mammal Hands

One of my friends introduced me to this band. Have been in love with their music ever since. It’s just beautiful. 

1985 – Haken

I’ve been listening to Haken since forever. 1985 is one of my favourites and a fun prog song to listen to.  I even had an opportunity to collaborate with Raymond Hearne (Drummer – Haken) in my debut album. He is one powerhouse of a drummer!


Discovered this band while I was coming back from a recording session and I ended up listening to two of their albums on that drive back. That drive was priceless! The guitar player in it is nuts. 

Killing Me – Tal Wilkenfeld

Tal is a badass woman with badass baselines. Absolutely love her work. 

On Your Way Sweet Soul – Andy Timmons

This one is easily my favourite guitar instrumental. Andy plays so effortlessly. It is simple and yet so revealing. This song is your perfect entry to guitar instrumentals.

Flight – Devin Townsend, Che Aimee Dorval

Probably the most beautiful collaboration I’ve heard in a long time. Che’s mesmerizing voice fits Devin’s compositions so well here. Please listen to the whole album.

For My Grandmothers – Mathias Eick

I’ve been listening to it daily before I sleep. If you had a bad day or if you’re feeling frustrated, this song is all you need. Works for me! 

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